Nachle Dance Company, based in Zurich Switzerland, is a professional dance company specialising in Indian folk and Bollywood styles. Nachle (pronounced natch – lay meaning ‘come dance’ in Hindi) was established in 2011 in Zurich to spread the art of Indian folk dancing in Zurich, by trained classical dancer, Stuti Aga. What started off as a dance school quickly became a professionally run dance company after Veena Steiner, an equally accomplished dancer joined forces to expand Nachle as a one-stop shop for grand performances encompassing Bollywood and Indian folk dance styles along with a range of event services like workshops for bridal parties, henna and personalised choreographies and ethnic costumes for special events.

Nachle has performed in the grandest venues from luxury hotel ballrooms and large auditoriums in Europe to intimate gatherings in a local community centre. Both Stuti and Veena come from Mumbai, the seat of the Bollywood film industry and hence strive to ensure authenticity and novelty in all their performances to reflect the vibe of their home metropolis. For that reason, they pay extra attention to the dance costumes worn by their dancers and its appropriateness for the style that is being performed. The grand authentic costumes custom made exclusively in Mumbai worn by all their dancers bring in that extra sparkle, colour and vivacity that is rare to find outside India.

Nachle takes its role of a cultural ambassador of India seriously and hence transmits the heritage of the vast variety of Indian regional folk dances through regular dance classes and trains the next generation of dancers. The Bollywood dance style as such, is mainly a synthesis of various regional folk styles presented in a contemporary setting influenced by global popular culture. The strength of Nachle lies in presenting the glamorous elements of Bollywood dancing without resorting to cliches, but instead, relying on artistic choreography and lyrical understanding.